Finishing is better than starting

In Ecclesiastes 7:8 it states

Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride

In life we are met with many challenges and I do not think that it would be called life without them. We make goals that are too low and goals that are too high and we shoot for them. Goal setting is great but they need to be realistic goals that are just outside your comfort zone. We set goals that are too low and reach them every time because they are within our reach or set them way to high with no way of  reaching them. Rarely do we set goals that are just high enough.

Doing this keeps us in our comfort zone. We convince ourselves that we can only reach a certain goal over and over again. Or we miss the high ones because they are to far out there for our experience level. Goals are to be set with a certain amount of difficultly in mind creating an opportunity for growth. If I was to say that I wanted to speak in front of 100,000 people that goal would be too high for me at my present state. I can barely speak in front of 100. But if I would set a goal of speaking in front of 200, that would be just far enough out of my comfort zone to facilitate growth.

We keep ourselves down. That is why in Ecclesiastes it says that finishing is better than starting. We start all these projects but we never finish them, they just sit on the back burner somewhere wasting away. It might have been that amazing new invention that was going to solve the water problem world wide or something that was going to make home life just a little better. It might have been writing that book or going back to school. We start things and never finish because they get difficult.

If you study successful people you will find a drive that no one else has. They stay up to all hours of the night and push through all the mountains that stand before them. Why? Because finishing is better than starting. They could have easily given up the first or second or hundredth time the situation got difficult. But they didn’t. They pushed forward always heading towards their goals.

When we set goals for ourselves or the teams that we lead we need to set realistic obtainable goals that create a culture of growth. This benefits everyone involved. What are some goals that you have laid out before yourself? Are they too low or high? What steps are you taking to reach these goals? Are you going to finish what you started? We would love to hear from you. Post in the comments below.

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