Great Leaders Are Created

Somewhere along the line great leaders are made. They are not born, even though some people have more nature abilities to lead than others, they are made. Created by the circumstances in their lives that had a drastic impact, leaders use these circumstances to hone their abilities. This allows them to lead people because they have been through all types of situations. It is hard to lead people if the leader has never experienced any hardships. It is not impossible, but the quality of the leader is much greater if the leader has been tried by the same fire that everyone else is going through.

Leadership is about endurance. Endurance is defined as “the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.” ( If a leader cannot endure how can he or she ask their followers to endure? As a leader you have to genuinely care about the people that you are leading because the people that you lead come from many walks of life and they all come with their own mountains to conquer. Leaders understand this. They understand that they will be on different levels of trust with each individual follower. A leader’s job is to get the follower from point A to point B, which includes everything that the follower is going through.

Point A and Point B is where the leader needs to take the organization, but everything in between those two points might not be directly affecting the forward momentum that is desired. For example, a follower might be having difficulties at home which is causing problems in the organization. A good leader has to identify this and offer assistance to that individual. The level of assistance is based on the situation. This will be seen by the entire organization, even if it is done in private, and will allow all of the followers to trust the leader more. When the people following the leader begin to trust the leader progress will be made.

This is not to say that the leader should be doing this out of selfish ambition. Being selfish is the quickest way to fail. Great leaders care about the well-being of their followers. They care about the development of their followers. Leaders help people. They are there to offer assistance making everyone’s job easier. Great leaders know that to be great they cannot let selfish ambition get in the way of anything that they are doing. When people can see that the leader is not being selfish and that they can trust the leader, then and only then will progress be made

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