There are no problems, only solutions

“Try to instill a problem-solving attitude in your subordinates and staff.” – Colin Powell, It Worked For Me

As leaders we are faced with problems everyday. Majority of these problems are made to seem like the end of the world if they are not solved immediately. The good news is that great leaders can make the decision to step back to assess the situation and make the best decisions possible. If we instill a problem-solving attitude in the people we lead the problems that finally make their way to us will warrant us getting involved.

How do you instill a problem-solving attitude?

To instill a problem-solving attitude into your followers the first thing that you have to do is trust them. Trust is common thread in leadership. Without trust no one will want to follow you. Give your followers the ability to fail. Let them make decisions based on how they see the solution. It is difficult in the beginning but over time we can learn to let them take more control over the day to day situations. There are times when you as a leader will have to step in, but those times are few. This is when your leadership abilities are tested. The solution is obvious to you but the person you are leading is struggling to get there. You have to let them get to it on their own otherwise they will not learn the lessons that you learned when you struggled.

Believe in your team

If you believe that your team can do the task that you have laid out before them they will in turn believe. You must give them the confidence to achieve the impossible. Everyday we are faced with impossible task. Be it a time deadline, figuring out how to be more profitable, or even going to work when we do not have the energy to go on. By telling your team that you believe in what they can do will do so much more than scolding them when they fail. Lead by example. Have a positive attitude.

Trusting and believing in your team takes a lot of practice and effort, but the reward is worth the effort. More people will start following you knowing that you care about them. Being positive is hard when there is so much going on in the world, but if you can keep a positive attitude your team will be better off and work harder at the goals that you have set out before them. Have you been in a situation when you have to start trusting your team to make the right choices? If so we would like to hear about it. Post your story in the comments section!

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